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  • Summer 2014

Earn free lunch for starving kids in China through everybody’s participation

What is OneWay?

What We Do

OneWay is an everyday philanthropy campaign initiated by a group of Chinese students overseas.

In summer 2014, we ask young people overseas contribute simple actions (social media likes/shares, taking a photo/video) in exchange for free lunch (donated by companies) for starving kids in China.

Latest news: We finished our 3800-mile bike across America journey on Aug 6 2014

We have sucessfully raised a total of 40,072 free lunches for hungry children in China!

Until Pacific Standard Time 2014-08-29 11:59 pm, we already have:


213 Photos


25 Videos


Ride 3804 miles

9 companies have committed total donations of 40,072 free lunches

Our goal: 30,000 free lunches for hungry children in China

How actions convert to free lunch

Everyday Philanthropy


No need to donate a penny, take simple actions

in exchange for donations made by companies.

Every bit of effort counts.

Join us

The key concept of everyday philanthropy is to involve as many people as possible.
There are 3 ways to join us:

Click “Like”

Support us on social media (Facebook, Renren, Weibo, WeChat)

Snap a Photo

#Discover China around the world#
Take a photo of anything related to “China”

Record a Video

#Document your life in 1 min#
Share your positivity through a 1 min video

Option 1: Click “Like”

If you are a social media guru, like and share OneWay on social media.

Facebook Like


Weibo Like/Share


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WeChat Like/Reposts


WeChat ID:just1way
Public Platform:单行道微公益

Option 2: Snap a Photo

Option 3: Record a video

Use your creativity, record the positivity in your life with a one-minute video.


1. Begin with a bried self-introduction.

2. End with "This is how I support OneWay, and you?"

3. No longer than 1 min. Everything else is up to you!

Share the video with us through email/dropbox to contact@danxingdao.org


How we particpate: 3800 miles, Bike Across America

Our own way of supporting OneWay: Bike across America in summer 2014.
2 months, 3800 miles, crossing 11 states, from San Francisco to Washington DC.


Training video

50 cents, a free lunch for the starving children.

Free Lunch for Children

Free Lunch for Children is the charity partner of OneWay

Background: In many rural areas in China, children live very far away from school (more than 5 miles) and do not have anything to eat during lunch time. When they are hungry, they either try to sleep or drink tap water from the fountain.

Free Lunch for Children encourages 50 cents of donation everyday to provide a free lunch for children in impoverished rural areas. As one of the most well-known charity program in China, it has raised more than 11.4 million USD. As of December 2013, more than 77,000 children from 350 schools in impoverished areas no longer suffer from hunger.


Intro: Free Lunch For Children


All expenses are posted on Weibo


Target school of OneWay:Huanglei Primary School, Huaihua, Hunan Province(Click for details)

Free Lunch for Children is just one example of many great philanthropic causes that are bringing positive changes in China.

Support from the whole society



Top Circle Hosiery
(Donation: ¥30000)

Bank of Changsha
(Donation: ¥20000)

Hunan Beitai Co.
(Donation: ¥20000)

Gaosheng Board Industry Co.
(Donation: ¥8640)

Loudi Baixiongtang Group, Co.
(Donation: ¥3500)

Hunan Xiangda Group
(Donation: ¥8640)

(Donation: ¥1500)

Main Sponsor

Top Circle Hosiery Mills, Inc. (topcircle.com) sponsors our supporting vehicle for our bike across USA cycling trip.

Media Partners

Media Coverage



U of South California

Stanford University


Cal Tech

Arizona State

UC Irvine

Harvard University

UC Berkeley

U Washington

U Michigan Ann Abor

U Minnesota

Duke University

UT Austin

Vanderbilt University

Boston University


Emory University

UC Riverside

UC San Diego

UC Santa Barbara

University of Arizona

University of Hawaii

University of New Mexico

University of San Diego

San Diego State

Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Northridge

Cal State San Bernadino

New Mexico State U

U of North Arizona

Claremont University

Pasadena City College

Pepperdine University

University of St. Louis

University College London

Stockholm University

Erasmus University


The passion behind OneWay


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

  • Zhang Jiangyang
    Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
    University of Southern California
  • Zhang Chenchen
    Master, Public Policy
    University of Southern California
  • Yao Lili
    M.S. Zoology
    University of British Columbia
  • Ma Xueqiao
    M.A. Journalism
    University of Southern California
  • Chen Yeming
    M.F.A. Film Production
    University of Southern California
  • Xu Chenni
    M.A. Communications
    University of Southern California
  • Li Li
    M.S. Computer Science
    University of British Columbia
  • Cao Junyu
    M.F.A. Interior Design,
    Pratt Institute
  • Chen Weiyi
    Ph.D. Student Electrical Engineering
    University of Southern California
  • Che Yuchi
    Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
    University of Southern California
  • Liu Tao
    Ph.D. Computer Science
    North Carolina State University
  • Sheng Jingyuan
    B.S. Finance Management
    Stanford University

The story behind OneWay


  • I grew up in the cities, so the experience as a volunteer teacher in rural China has a lifelong impact on me. During my six visits to rural China, not only did I experience the challenges of rural lifestyle and the hardships of kids going to school, but I also realized how incapable I was to offer my limited help. Having lived in the US for almost six years, I never forgot those things I observed in rural China and always wanted to do something.

    -Zhang Jiangyang

  • From rescuing homeless cats and organizing animal welfare educational events, to volunteer teaching in rural schools, to currently learning and practicing conservation education, I've always been hoping that the future generations of us and our fellow creatures will have a better living environment. The world is not perfect, and we all sometimes feel small and insignificant. However, if more people are willing to turn compassion into action, together we probably can bring positive changes to the world.

    -Yao Lili

  • Most people do things for a proper reason, but I have always been motivated by sudden moments. I feel uncomfortable when I saw a photograph of starving kids waiting for food. I never hesitate to devote myself even if the things will only bring about subtle changes. Just like being part of OneWay, every small effort counts.

    -Zhang Chenchen

When you have brave ideas, act while you can.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:I’m not a Chinese student overseas. Can I still join OneWay?

A: Absolutely. Although we mainly speak to Chinese students overseas, we definitely welcome anybody to join us.

Q: Why do you choose "Free lunch for children" campaign as partner? Would you make public where the donations eventually go?

A:"Free Lunch For Children" campaign is one of the most influential charity in China with great transparency in its donations. We hope to raise awareness of philanthropy in China among student overseas and young professionals. There are many other outstanding charities in China as well, but "Free Lunch For Children" is a great example to start with. All donations are listed on the official website of "Free Lunch For Children". Each Free Lunch school is required to open up a sina Weibo account and post how they used the money.

Q: Which route are you guys taking for bike ride?

A: For this trip, we’ve chosen the route of Wester Express and part of TransAmerica Trail (starting from Pueblo, CO) from Adventure Cycling Route Network. Our average mileage per day will be 60-70 miles with an elevation of 0-6000 feet.

Q: When does the whole campaign start and how long does it last?

A: The OneWay campaign will officially launch in May 2014 and will end in September 2014.

Q: I won’t be able to join the bike team, how can I support OneWay?

A: OneWay encourage everyone to start with something small. There are three ways to join us apart from the bike team: 1. The simplest way: “Like”/share OneWay on social network/media. 2. Take a photo of you cooking/working out/volunteering and @OneWay on Weibo. 3. Make a one-minute video to record your positive energy. (For more details please click here).

Every bit of effort counts.

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